Clotilda found?

Today, I saw this article online about how a reporter in Alabama had possibly found the long-lost Clotilda, the ship that is said to have been the last one to bring African slaves into the U.S. in 1860.

I wrote about the Clotilda about a year and a half ago after returning from a trip to Mobile, Alabama. While in Mobile, husband John and I also visited Africatown, a community where survivors of the Clotilda settled after Emancipation and where some of the survivors are buried.

And, in case you missed my post last month, a book about Clotilda survivor Cudjo Lewis by Zora Neale Hurston will be published in May 2018. Lots of press about the Clotilda lately. Good.

I’m also working on my (very late, sorry) Book List for 2017. I read 16 books last year, some of which were pretty darn good, so I want to share those titles with you. Hopefully soon.

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